2. Hachiman Shrine

Hachiman Shrine, Our Guardian Shrine

The existing shrine located on the west side of the pond in our temple grounds is considered to be the same one which was drawn in "Shikoku Henrei Meisho Zue (A Collection of Pictures of Shikoku Pilgrimage Sights)" in 1800.
The deity enshrined there is considered to be "Usa-hachiman-shin," one of the Shinto deities.
This Shinto deity is said to be a counterpart of Dainichi Nyorai (Mahavairocana), the Buddhist deity which this temple is dedicated to.
The relation to Hachiman-shin originated at Shingon-in in Todai-ji Temple, which is said to have been established by Kukai.
And the enshrined deity of Shingon-in could be either "Tamukayama-hachiman-shin"(from Nara City, Nara Prefecture)or "Usa-hachiman-shin"(from Usa City, Oita Prefecture).
The small shrine on the grounds of Dainichi-ji Temple could inherit either of them, and enshrines "Usa-hachiman-shin" at present.
The building was rebuilt with concrete in recent years, and the reinforcement work for masonry structure of the basic foundation was done in 2016.