2. Shoro-mon Gate(the gate with a bell tower)

Shoro-mon Gate(the gate with a bell tower)

Our temple's main gate was newly rebuilt in 2018, and is located on the southern end of the temple grounds.
This two-storied gate with a bell tower was constructed with pillars and props made of Japanese Zelkova wood and other parts made of hinoki(Japanese cypress).
The roof is a traditional Irimoya-styled(hip-and-gable) roof with clay tile roofing.
You can see a temple crest "Yakumo(thick clouds)" which is the crest of our temple and also Toji Temple in Kyoto on a main ridge and tiles that stick out from the side of a roof.
There is also a temple bell which was installed in the former main gate, built in 1861, on the second floor.
We used a red iron oxide paint for its carmine color, and coated it with tung oil to prevent pigment detachment and in consideration of weather resistance.
The gate was designed and built by carpenters(The master-carpenter was Tetsuo Nii)from a neighboring town(Donari-cho in Awa-shi).