2. The wooden seated statue of Dainichi Nyorai

The Statue of Dainichi Nyorai(Mahavairocana)in the Inner Sanctuary of the Main Hall
The wooden seated statue of Dainichi Nyorai(made in the Muromachi Era)

This temple is dedicated to Dainichi Nyorai(Mahavairocana)*, which is the statue enshrined in the Main Hall.
This statue is a "Hibutsu," which means that is ordinarily kept hidden from view, and its Zushi(a miniature shrine with double doors)has never been opened in the past.
However, it was once exposed to the public on the day of monthly temple festival, and during every month in 2017 after the restoration of the statue was successfully finished in that year.
The statue has been veiled since then, but you can see another seated statue of Dainichi Nyorai all made of Japanese cypress wood in front of the Zushi instead.

The principal "Hibutsu" statue of Dainichi Nyorai has its hair bound in a topknot on its head and wears a crown.
Also, its hands form the chiken-in(the knowledge-fist)mudra** in front of its chest(as same as many of Dainichi Nyorai on Kongo-kai), and it wears an ancient skirt and loincloth whose upper edge is folded.
Dainichi Nyorai is seated in the lotus position known as kekkafuza, with its right leg resting on the left leg.
The statue was sculptured from a single hard wood block, is covered in thick gold leaf over Japanese lacquer, and its hair, eyebrows, mustache, lip and so on are also colored.
Its crown and necklace are hand-crafted openwork made of copper.

The statue appears to have been made in 1407 according to the writing in Japanese ink on the back of its knee. It was also apparently restored in 1600 according to the writing on the rear of the statue.
The style of work seems to be same as that of the Muromachi Era(1336-1573)or the Nanbokucho Era(1336-1392)- therefore, the writing on the statue is very likely to have been written at that time.

*Dainichi Nyorai(Mahavairocana)is the highest manifestation in esoteric Buddhism, and rules the two worlds represented on Mandala, called "Kongo-kai(Diamond World)" and "Taizo-kai(Womb World)." Dainichi Nyorai statues are always seated in the lotus position, and especially, many of Kongo-kai Dainichi Nyorai has the chiken-in mudra.

**Mudra is an expression using hand and finger positions and it shows the mind or purpose of each of the Buddhist deities.

(height 56cm,depth 32.7cm)